Cedar Park 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament Rules

These rules are designed to ensure fair play for all participants. Each player must understand these rules prior to participation in the tournament. By completing the registration form and entering a team, each player understands and consents to these rules. Any questions concerning these rules must be directed to the Cedar Park 3 on 3 Committee.

Prior to the Game Players:

Each team must have a minimum of three players on their roster. Games may be started and completed with only two players, but not with just one player. No roster changes are allowed after your first game (unless under extraordinary circumstances and approved by the Tournament Director or Coach Brown). Prior to the start of each game, the Court Monitor will meet with all players from both teams (and with parents of middle school teams) to ensure that all players understand the rules and the tournament codes of conduct. A coin flip prior to the start of the game will determine which team has the initial possession.

Starting Play/Throw In/Resuming Play

The ball must be thrown in (not dribbled) from the check box in the backcourt (1) to start the game; (2) after a ball goes out of bounds; (3) after a made basket; (4) after a foul; or (5) after a time out. First Violation: Warning from the Court Monitor. Each Subsequent Violation: Change of possession.

After the Game The Team Captain shall accompany the Court Monitor to deliver the score sheet to the Master Scoreboard Table. The Master Scoreboard contains the official schedule for the tournament. After every game, each team must check the master scoreboard for future scheduling and information.

Game Play Length of Games: First team to score 15 points, or 18-minute running clock (whichever occurs first). At the expiration of game time, the team in the lead is the winner. If the game ends in a tie, the teams will play a sudden-death overtime with the team scoring first declared the winner—first overtime possession shall be decided by a coin toss. Games shall start promptly at their designated time. A game shall be won by forfeit for the team present at the court at the designated start time and if the other team is not present. A forfeited game shall be recorded as a 15-0 victory for the team on the court.

No Make It Take It: The ball changes possession after each scored basket. See throw in rule (ball must be thrown in, no dribbling by the player off the check box).

Stalling: No stalling allowed at any time in the game. The Court Monitor or Cedar Park 3 on 3 Committee member may institute a 30 second shot clock at any time. After a team has been warned about stalling, failure to attempt a shot within 30 seconds will result in loss of possession.

Jump Balls: All jump balls become the possession of the defensive team.

Time Outs: Each team is allowed one 45 second time out. The clock will stop during the time out. Substitutions can be made at any dead ball.

Taking It Back: When the ball is still in play, the ball must be “taken back” on each change or possession (i.e., the ball did not go out of bounds or a bucket was not made and the ball is still live). “Taking it back” means BOTH feet must be behind two-point arc. Failure to “take it back” is a violation. First Violation: Warning from the Court Monitor. Each Subsequent Violation: Change of Possession.

Scoring: Baskets made from the inside the arc count one point. Baskets made when the shooter has BOTH FEET behind the arc count two points. Court Monitors will call “two points.” If there is any doubt by the Court Monitor if the made basket is worth one or two points, the basket will count as one point. 3 Point Box in corners: If shooter has BOTH FEET within the three point box (no toes on the line), Court Monitor will call “three points.” If there is any doubt by the Court Monitor if the made basket is worth two or three points, the basket will count as two points.

Fouls: When a player is fouled, that player’s team resets and takes in the ball from the backcourt (see Throw in Rule). However, when a player is fouled and the basket is good, the basket counts and the defending team then receives the ball. Players are responsible for calling their own fouls—there is no referee. The Team Captain shall be the voice for any foul called. Spectators (i.e., any person not playing the game) may not participate in or argue on behalf of players. Court Monitors have discretion to remove any spectator from the court who is abusive or otherwise disrupting play.

The Court Monitor keeps the record of team fouls. Players must resolve their own calls in a respectful manner. If the Court Monitor is asked to arbitrate a dispute by the Team Captains, the Court Monitor’s decision is final. All fouls are common fouls. For the first six (6) fouls, the ball is taken back by the fouled team at mid-court to resume play (see Throw in Rule). After the sixth (6) team foul a Cedar Park 3 on 3 Committee representative will be called in to referee or observe as needed. The representative has discretion to call fouls for the remainder of the game as warranted (or not). On the 10th team foul, 2 shot attempts are awarded, followed by possession to the shooting team (see Throw in Rule).

Technical or Flagrant fouls will result in disciplinary action. The Court Monitor will determine whether a foul was technical or flagrant. First Violation: Free throw for other team and backcourt possession after the shot. Second Violation: Point awarded to fouled team, and backcourt possession. Third Violation: Point awarded to fouled team, backcourt possession, and player ejection from the tournament. Fourth Violation: Fouling team forfeits game/tournament.

If the foul committed is of a violent or savage nature, involves striking, is dead-ball contact, or is extreme, persistent, vulgar, or abusive conduct, the Court Monitor has the discretion to immediately disqualify that player from the game.

Tournament Administration The Team Captain will represent the team as spokesperson. Any questions or disputes will be discussed only with the Team Captain. Disputes will not be heard after the game has been completed. The Cedar Park 3 on 3 Committee reserves the right to disqualify any team for infractions of the following policies:

     Use of illegal players: The players listed on the roster at the time a registration form is submitted are the only players eligible without the consent of the Cedar Park 3 on 3 Committee. The Cedar Park 3 on 3 Committee reserves the right to request identification from players at any time during the tournament. All participants are encouraged to bring picture identification to the tournament.

     False information: Information provided on your registration form is the basis for division breakdowns. Any false information is grounds for disqualification of the player or team.

     Unnecessary vulgarity or abusive conduct: Good sportsmanship and good behavior by players and spectators is expected. A Cedar Park 3 on 3 Committee member may assist at any time, including officiating games, implementing the shooting of foul shots, terminating a game, and escorting a spectator, player, or team from the premises.

Basketball Boundaries Information Players determine whether a ball is in or out of bounds. The ball is out of bounds if it: Passes over the top edge of the backboard or touches the back side of the backboard. Touches the arms or cable attached to goal. Touches the court tape boundary line or touches the ground outside the court tape boundary. The ball remains in play if it: Touches the bottom edge of the backboard. Touches one of the side edges of the backboard. Touches the top edge of the backboard, but does not pass over the top edge of the backboard.